We would like to deeply thank all those who have fundraised independently and chosen to donate the money to Helping Hands for Japan. We are always happy to discuss ways in which we can help with volunteer staff, preparation or media coverage etc. If you organise an event, you can choose which project you wish to support. Here are some examples of those activities:

Celia, Teruko, Harriet and Jenny raised £1500 by entertaining 50 people to a cello recital in their barn, with delicious sushi and wine, followed by an enjoyable yushoku typical Japanese supper, made up of various tasty dishes and finished with a display of traditional Japanese dancing.”

Simon and Satsuki arranged an amazing birthday party after their two sons asked to have donations for Japan instead of birthday presents. The party was based on “Takeshi’s Castle”, a well known Japanese TV programme, and raised over £540.
Simon & Satsuki's Fundraising Birthday Party

The staff and children of St Mary’s Primary School in Banbury raised £300 at a fundraising day

A concert held by the children of Hill View School in Banbury raised £303.85.

£509.73 was raised at a cake sale at the Nuffield Hospital in Oxford – a fantastic effort!

Stonesfield Primary School raised £175.26 with a cake sale.

Sophie Portway from the Marlborough School raised £28.10 with a sponsored silence (which by all accounts was quite a difficult feat for her!)

Tessa Hennessy raised £5 from selling home grown rhubarb!

Hunsdon House School raised £255