Helping Hands For Japan

Registered Charity, No. 1141296

Helping Hands For Japan is a Not For Profit Charitable Organisation set up by staff at Into Japan Specialist Tours in collaboration with the Japanese community in Oxford in order to provide much needed help and aid to the people in the earthquake and tsunami hit regions of Japan.

A message from Professor Arthur Stockwin

Japan has suffered a triple disaster. The fourth most severe earthquake in recorded history had its epicentre off the coast of north-eastern Japan, causing immense damage. But far worse was the consequent tsunami, which swept away whole communities along the coast. And if that wasn’t enough, the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear reactor was flooded, putting its cooling system out of action and creating a radiation leakage crisis. The disaster has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions, overwhelming local resources. “Helping Hands for Japan” is a new Oxford-based charity designed to provide assistance in this terrible situation. I urge everyone to support it with whatever you can give.

Arthur Stockwin
Formerly Director, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.
University of Oxford