Japanese Cultural Experience, Marlborough School, Woodstock, Saturday & Sunday, April 9th & 10th

Advance ticket reservations indicate the Saturday afternoon session may be very busy. We encourage those with a flexible schedule to visit other sessions if possible.

A major, two day event with performances such as taiko drumming, samurai swordsmanship, workshops, lots of Japanese food and all sorts of surprises! Goodwill messages will be collected at this event and sent to schools in the areas affected.

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Live Performances

(The performers may vary, depending on the session)
(Click on the pictures below for further info on each performer)


Joji Hirota


Kaikyo Taiko

Hibiki Ichikawa

Michael Coxall

Martial Arts

Michael Jay





Chie Kutsuwada


Japanese Food

Including fabulous ‘temaki’ and ‘nigiri’ sushi from Moshi Moshi

as well as other Japanese food such as Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba.

Play ‘Go’ with the Oxford Go Club

Handmade accessories
Nail painting, Henna Tattoos, Face Painting
Kids Clothes
Handmade Japanese Toys
Balloon Magic
Charity Bazaar & Raffle
Cakes & Biscuits

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Please note that parking will be limited so public transport and car sharing is recommended.
* Free parking is guaranteed to all those making advance reservations!

How YOU can help!

We are happy to accept items to be sold at the bazaar, if they are in pristine condition. Anything not sold over the weekend will be donated to charity. If you have anything that you think would sell, please feel free to bring it along with you.

Good at making cakes? Why not bake a cake and bring it along to sell! We’re hoping to have a good selection of cakes and will be happy to add yours to the stall.